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Mp3's - Unfinished Demos

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We are a band called Collixion....

Collixion with an ‘X’ you ask? Well there are far too many bands called Collision so we changed it. There were even a lot of band spelt with a ‘Z’ too so there you have it. Collixion being that our tracks are part rock, part punk I guess and alot of Rock & Roll. We've tried heavying the Rock & Rolls classics just a bit but also keeping it sounding good hopefully. We have around 30 tracks now but already there are at least another 5 in the pipeline and we're always suggesting new songs to try. We even attempted The Bee Gees' "Staying Alive" but that proved just a little ambitious but through it all as long as we're having fun doing the songs and we do, hopefully it comes across to you guys live.

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        Sunday 9th October
        The Steamer - Fleetwood

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